Personalised Sequin Cushion


If you cant find a cushion feel free to upload and image!
Unicorn +
Spiderman +
Shopkins +
Rainbow +
Owl +
Minnie +
Man Utd +
Paw Patrol +
Liverpool +
Fotnite +
Please upload logos and simple images only such as Team logos, e.g. GAA & soccer clubs, tractor logos, cartoon characters. Photographic images not permitted.

Available in a range of colours, select the options you want and fill in the field to let us know the message, Simply slide your hand across the Reversible Sequins to reveal the photo or hidden message underneath, then slide your hand the other way to reverse the sequins back to colour.

Cushion measures 40cm X 40cm


This product is made of sequins and white gaps do appear in the image as with all sequin products. This is due to every sequin acting as a tiny moving part, it isn’t possible for the sequins to be kept perfectly in line when they are flipped back and forwards. 


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